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International distance learning courses
2 or 3 semesters

The Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH (AIHE) Hamburg /Lübeck accompanies the development of creative and innovative distance learning courses and runs them on behalf and under monitoring of international universities. Students are registered with the partner universities and receive their academic degree from them.

In exceptional cases, executives have the opportunity to be admitted to a Master’s programme even without a first degree (without a Bachelor’s degree).

AIHE students are management staff aged between 28 and 58 years old. 70% live in the USA, UK, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea etc.

Our target group appreciates greatly that at AIHE distance learning degrees can be obtained completely remotely.

Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun former Federal Education Minister and Minister-President Björn Engholm and economic expert Dr. Mildner support us in an advisory capacity and as cooperation partners. 

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The concept

AIHE works on behalf of international universities. As a specialist with many years of experience in academic distance learning, AIHE GmbH is asked by universities to develop distance learning degree courses on their behalf. Since 2015, AIHE has also been running distance learning degree courses itself.

AIHE students are registered at the respective partner universities and receive their academic degree from them. AIHE fills the space in between with its own staff, who have of course been approved and authorised by the universities with regard to their accreditations and validations. The quality assurance of the degree courses is in the hands of the universities who work together in very close partnership with us to foster professionalism and customer satisfaction. AIHE is supervised by the universities.

Bachelor’s distance learning courses

Master’s distance learning courses

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What makes AIHE so special?

Teaching approach

Our teaching approach is based on the professional connection between science and practice, and thus focuses on application orientation. This means that students can observe in their daily work which theories, phenomena, concepts and models already exist and act without conscious knowledge, and they can act more consciously, based on a plan and a scientific basis.

As AIHE students are very experienced individuals, we as AIHE employees also learn from the experiences of our students every single day.

On average 10 - 20
hours per week
Semester (2-3)
Experts in the team