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Who is behind the Institute?

About us

AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH

AIHE GmbH (previously known as ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH) is a company belonging to the GENSEL GROUP (founded in 2002) and since 2006 it has been offering scientific further education on behalf of universities and institutes of further education. Through its teaching, AIHE provides a professional connection between science and practice in its further education master’s degree courses, placing the focus on application orientation. In this way, students can observe in their everyday work which theories and models are already present and effective without their conscious knowledge, and they can act more consciously and with a stronger scientific basis. As AIHE students have an average age of 44 years old, live all around the world and approx. 50% work at management level, AIHE employees also learn from the experiences of the students on a daily basis.


Prof. Dr. Andrea Gensel, the founder

The transfer of theory to practice can only succeed if the transfer from practice to theory has already taken place. And this is where GENSEL GROUP’s experience comes in. The founder, Prof. Dr. Andrea Gensel (born 1963), a mother of two children, is a systemic therapist with an accreditation in Psychotherapy as well as a background in Industrial Psychology with a master’s (M.A.) in Emergency Psychology and Systemic Consulting. She sold her companies TALINGO EAP and PSY-Line to the Asklepios Klinik Group and stepped down from the management team on 1 January 2019 in order to steer AIHE GmbH to worldwide growth. TALINGO EAP and PSY-Line (63 employees) have advised 85 well-known companies around the country with a total of 120,000 employees and management personnel in the field of Industrial Psychology and Psychotherapeutic Consulting, supporting the company management teams directly. The shared experiences of GENSEL GROUP employees are utilised in the conception of new degree courses, in addition to many others, in order to achieve a high level of application orientation.

AIHE GmbH cooperates with national and international universities and institutes of higher education and supports them in the development and implementation of master’s degree courses and teaching courses. Students are enrolled in the respective partner institute of higher education, which also awards the academic degree. Quality assurance also takes place in close collaboration with the partner insitute. AIHE GmbH offers conceptional, organisational and financial support. Student support, teaching, acceptance and assessment of examinations and master’s dissertations are carried out by AIHE GmbH.

AIHE GmbH has succeeded in putting together a great team – in the past six months, 23 permanent and freelance employees have joined. Prof.Dr. Andrea Gensel: “The team of permanent employees, my so-called ‘core team’, contributes to the overall process of growth with energy, loyalty and great commitment. I couldn’t have wished for a better team. I am so grateful and full of appreciation, as the first two years of a start-up company require special flexibility and patience and plenty of understanding for one another.” 

We are particularly honoured that the communications legend, Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun , has been involved in the conception of the programmes and one of the further education programmes is even focused on his model. Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun is a beautiful spirit, he can juggle with words, he is modest despite his extraordinary success and is also a person full of warmth. Prof. Dr. Andrea Gensel: “His suggestions and recommendations are worth their weight in gold. We are thankful to have been able to recruit him for our concept and our work, and every day we are grateful for it”.

The members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Raimund Mildner and the former Federal Education Minister and Minister-President Björn Engholm have been on board with the Gensel Group for 12 years. They are sparring partners with outstanding ideas who also offer motivation and criticism. Over the years, a close, warm friendship has developed.

We present the AIHE team to you here.

AIHE GmbH is certified style DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since May 2021

The Advisory Board and those with an involvement in the Institute:
Dr. Raimund Mildner, former Minister-President and Federal Education Minister Björn Engholm
and Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun

Left to right: Dr. Raimund Mildner | Ministerpräsident a.D. Björn Engholm  | Prof. Dr. F. Schulz von Thun