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Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun

Great recognition and honour for us

We are delighted that Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun is working to reinforce the further education programmes of FHWien der WKW in cooperation with AIHE and is supporting and promoting us both as an advocate and an adviser.

The best-known communication psychologist in Germany

In the interview by managerSeminar 2009 he was named a “living legend”. The models created by Prof. Friedemann Schulz von Thun are now an essential part of management training and adult education in its entirety. Models such as the communications square, the inner team and many more are widely used and highly recognised in profit and non-profit organisations. In addition to all his impressive, meaningful and extraordinary achievements in the field of Communication Psychology, we have great respect for his personality. Authentic, extremely appreciative, modest and warm in his dealings with us and our participants. A great and down-to-earth legend. The warmth and kindness of his wife, a psychotherapist, are also striking. A communications expert who lives by what he teaches.

It is a particularly great honour for us to receive his full support as an advocate and advisor. The MSc curriculum for Communication and Industrial Psychology has obtained a special and exclusive value thanks to the support of Prof. Schulz von Thun, since the educational mission of universities requires a curriculum that is independent of individuals and streaming, no emphasis is placed on the Professor’s models. The main module of the six-month advance training course “Kommunikationspsychologie” (UAS) focuses on the work of Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun and disseminates his teaching in an application-oriented and practical manner.

Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun

Note: His book “Miteinander reden 4: Fragen und Antworten” (Talking to one another 4: Questions and Answers” includes all the new insights since the basic principles were published.

Website of Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun

“Ich lebe noch”

managerSeminar | Edition 130 | 2009