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Teaching concept

More information on the learning approach, viewing a sample contract and certificate, etc.


AIHE teaching Concept
Does the teaching concept suit me?

Specially designed for executives

All AIHE programmes are specifically designed for managers, professionals and those in positions of responsibility.

In other words, in our experience, people who want to learn freely and independently. Independent of us. Independent of your fellow students.

Free in terms of time management and free from appointments that require attendance.

Target group of the AIHE

The average age of our students is 44. They are busy and successful, often with families. So they have little time.

This is why self-study is ideal for AIHE’s target group, as it allows them to manage their time freely.

Here is an impression of our students/target group in a video: View student videos.

Self-directed learning

Study when you want, where you want and with who you want. Just not “what” you want.

This is a “self-study” course and it is up to you to decide if you want to make contact. AIHE staff are available to help you 32 hours a week. 25% of our students make a lot of contact and really appreciate the support and advice via phone, e-mail, forum and zoom. 75% do not make use of the support and advice offered by AIHE. Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory.

Independent study

In some cohorts there are 40 students enrolled, other cohorts only 5. Nevertheless, we start. The reason is simple. Because small groups are not a disadvantage. Quite the contrary in fact.

Because of the open concept, you will not notice whether you are alone in a class or studying with many other students. 

We do, however, offer a “Happy Hour“. About three Werks after the start of the semester, we invite all students to a Zoom-Happy Hour, where you can get to know each other and make new contacts. 

Here you can get an impression of our students in short videos:  Go to student videos.


The study program is "not" suitable for you if...

… you want to learn in a close classroom environment and need frequent interaction with fellow students for your satisfaction and well-being. 

Do you also want a lot of external guidance and a controlling authority with lots of instructions? Then, this may not be the right approach for you. 

You will be provided with basic literature and video recordings and you will start on your own. You can contact us at any time. The course managers will be happy to help you with your time management, any mistakes you may have made, and any professional advice you may need. But “you” have to approach “us”. We do not want to impose ourselves or interfere.

Learning material and examinations

After you have signed the contract, i.e. before you start studying, you will receive all the examination tasks for the entire programme as well as all the study materials. This will give you an idea of what to expect and allow you to plan in a better way.

Exam relevant: There are approximately 250 pages of text per module and approximately 3-5 video lecture recordings to read or watch. You will work on the material and write your exam paper (e.g. term paper, literature review, presentation recording), which must be submitted by a certain deadline.

Not exam relevant: 100 live online lectures by experts from around the world. Choose 10 of the 100 lectures you would like to attend (you can attend all 100 lectures).

Mandatory attendance dates

Dates requiring attendance: None

In return, the AIHE offers you more than

100 live lectures per year

delivered by experts in the field of psychology, in both English and German. Our lecturers are based all over the world and are happy to share their knowledge with you. After each lecture you have the opportunity to interact with the experts.

You will have a choice of between six and 10 live online lectures that you would like to attend (or you can attend all of them).

World-class speakers on exciting, interdisciplinary topics. 

Voices of graduates

Master´s level means "obligation to collect"

At this point we would like to ask you to consider whether this concept is right for you. If you are not satisfied, we will not be either.

We are so concerned about your satisfaction that we ask you to consider whether you are Type A or Type B..

A. You are a self-directed learner, independent of your peers and teachers. When you need advice/tips/motivation or expertise, you are self-initiated and approach AIHE staff who are waiting and happy to hear from you.

B. You like to learn in close contact with fellow students and in groups. You tend to be a wait-and-see or reticent type, hoping that we, the AIHE staff, will approach you (rather than the other way around) and ask what you need and how we can help.

If you are Type B, we ask you to consider whether you will feel comfortable with us.

Yes, this teaching concept is right for me.

I would like to secure a place and start the application process.