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Applied moral and interpersonal Psychology

Graduation and recognition

You will receive:
University certificate of attendance (sample)
University transcript
AIHE Certificate (sample)

Attention. This course is a module out of our MSc Applied Psychology. If you subsequently complete this distance learning course with us, you will receive 100% credit for the university certificate.

Did you know? Prerequisite for a Master’s degree: At least 6 years of professional experience plus an entrance test or a first degree.

Admission requirements

A-level/High school diploma


Completed professional education


3 years of work experience

Tuition fee

Tuition fee:

1,348.57 € (VAT exempt).

AIHE GmbH does not offer any scholarships and cannot advise on country-specific funding options.

University partner

London Metropolitan University

in cooperation with

AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH

Start of studies




Distance learning without any physical presence (100 % online).

Credit Points

20 Credit Points ≙ 10 ECTS

Type of study

Distance learning course, self-learning concept, without/less contact to other students.


10 weeks

Programme language



10 – 15 working hours per week


This module is approved by the „Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht“ (ZFU) in Germany with the registration number: 1116821.


Recorded presentation

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Would you like to get access to our AIHE portal and additional information? We would be delighted to provide this.


training focus
"Applied moral and interpersonal Psychology"

The content of the 10-weeks certificate course is based on the following focal points:

Dark triad


Dark triad

and work correlates.

Dark leadership


Moral psychology


and moral judgment, motivation, and responsibility.


of religion.


  • in psychological theory.
  • and social behaviour.
  • and health.

Distribution of priorities

Course in detail

Science for professionals

Holistic, scientific and evidence-based course for all those who are interested in Applied moral and interpersonal Psychology.

Development of key competences

Comprehensive-systematic development of already existing competences as well as their substantiation through the understanding of theoretical, practice-relevant contents and methods with a focus on Applied moral and interpersonal Psychology.

Supplementation of acquired knowledge

Supplementation of already acquired knowledge with a scientific basis, and professional intensification. Existing knowledge and skills can be exercised and developed more consciously through scientific foundation, and new perspectives can be made possible.

FOR WHOM HAS THIS university certificate BEEN DESIGNED?

The university certificate course is ideal for everyone who is interested in the contents of this further education and would like to educate themself personally and professionally.

Learning concept of the distance learning course


The learning concept of the course Applied moral and interpersonal Psychology (Uni-Certificate of attendance) is characterised by a high level of practice-relevant content as well as innovative teaching and learning methods. Its design as a pure distance learning course means that it is optimally focused on the needs of the target group.

The course is subject to the self-learning concept. Our student support and the e-learning concept offer students the opportunity of learning independent of time and place, tailored to their own professional requirements and needs.

The use of modern e-learning components ensures interactive learning makes it easier to understand the abstract content. Interactive online seminars in virtual space promote the integration of theoretical principles and methods into professional practice. The use of a virtual tutorial, an online learning platform, enables the flexible and connected transfer of knowledge, which can be optimally varied and adapted according to individual learning needs and progress.
The availability of pre-recorded lectures as well as all learning material in electronic form facilitates the management of knowledge and asynchronous learning for students with different professional frameworks and availability. In addition, this means easier documentation and repetition of course content, independent of time and location.

Overview of the teaching concept

Would you like to apply?

The application for admission to our certificate course takes place in three steps.

Submit your application

Apply electronically using the application form. But before you do so please read through the admission requirements to determine which documents are necessary for a complete application. Take your time to read the information about the university course and estimate whether you are able and willing to invest about 10 – 15 hours per week. There will be exciting and relaxing phases, but also phases that are temporarily exhausting. Think about your personal motivation. You should be able to formulate it very clearly for yourself.

Review of your documents

Upon receipt of your application documents, we, the AIHE, review them and send recommendations for admission to the London Metropolitan University.

They will decide if and who will be admitted and inform us of their decision.

We will then send the London Metropolitan University’s decision to you.

Conclusion of contract

As soon as you have received an admission letter, you can conclude the student contract with us. Study places will be allocated according to the order in which applications are received after confirmation of admission. As soon as you have signed the study contract, send it to us and a study place is available, you will receive the signed contract back. Now your place is secured. You will be enrolled as a student of London Metropolitan University at the start and will be a student of this innovative British university.

University partner

The certificate course is carried out in partnership with London Metropolitan University.

London Metropolitan University:


London Metropolitan University’s long, rich history starts in 1848 when the Bishop of London and the Reverend Charles Mackenzie established The Metropolitan Evening Classes for Young Men. 1851 Prince Albert is so impressed with the classes that an annual celebration of the students’ work is held under his patronage. 

Over the past 100 years, the north London campus has developed into a modern, progressive centre with a strong reputation for widening access into education.

The alumni of London Metropolitan University include Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, comedian Vic Reeves, singer Sinead O’Connor, actor Noel Clarke and Cobra Beer founder Lord Bilimoria.

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Would you like to get access to our AIHE portal and additional information? We would be delighted to provide this.